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Construction of a simple bat house
(Design based on Bat Conservation International)
This bat house can be made from a 635 x 1 270 mm piece of exterior plywood (front, back & roof) and one piece of 18 mm x 44 mm x 1 625 mm shutter plywood (spacers). A 63 mm x 18 mm x 610 mm board makes a roof.
This bat house works especially well when mounted on buildings or in pairs back to back on a single pole, in which case a single roof can be built over both houses. It can hold 50 or more bats. Staple heavy duty plastic mesh to the front of each partition and inside the back, extending across the landing platform. It is very important to caulk all exterior joints to prevent heat loss and moisture leakage. Paint your finished bat house with two or three coats of exterior latex. Darker colours make be necessary in cooler southern temperate climates in southern Africa but medium colours are often better in warmer tropical and subtropical areas. Vents are not needed in the coolest locations.
Larger boxes can be made by adding extra chambers, with space allowed inside the top of the box for bats to move between chambers
1. Top spacer 44 mm x 610 mm
2. Side Spacers (x2) 44 mm x 508 m
3. Back 673 mm x 610 mm
4. Lower front 127 mm x 610
5. Vent 12 mm x 610 mm
6. Upper front 419 mm x 610 mm
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