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Attracting Bats to your Property
How you go about attracting bats to your property depands on which type of bats you want to attract.
It is not enough just to put up a bat house, relatively few species of bats will roost in bat houses and they are generally the commoner species that live in roofs. In fact we do not recommend people put up bat houses unless a colony has to be excluded from a house roof for some reason.
It is far better to plant indigenous plants, to leave dead hollow trees standing, leave dead leaves hanging down from palm trees to give roosting spots and to have unclutterd open water in your garden to allow bats to scoop up water to drink as they fly across.
If you have a mosquito problem then plant lots of banana and Strelitsia plants and pipistrelle bats will soon arrive.
To attract fruit bats then plant figs, paw paws, avocados, mangos litchies, amatungulu and other fruiting trees and shrubs. To encourage fruit bats to roost, in a quiet, sheltered part of your garden plant 2 or 3 mature king palms or build a thatched lapa for them.
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