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Dealing With Noisy Fruit Bats

Complaints are often received from homeowners about fruit bats calling outside their bedroom windows at night. The calls are either the bats squabbling with each other, or the males calling to advertise their territory and attract females. The male’s call is a resonant “pinging” sound. Although load, calling fruit bats are indicative of a healthy environment and part of the night sound of Africa.

If the ruckus the bats are feeding on a fruiting tree in the garden, then the disturbance will probably last just a few weeks until the fruit is all consumed.

Trimming the branches closest to the windows will move the bats further away. We do not recommend cutting down trees, especially since many indigenous trees are now protected and may only be felled if a permit is granted by the local authority. Cutting down trees decreases the natural habitat available to all species of wildlife.

 “White noise” will counteract bats’ calls. This can be produced by playing a radio off-station to produce a “hiss”, running an air conditioner or an electric fan.

If all else fails, try using earplugs!

Never hose fruit bats out of a roost. Their wings are fragile and the force of water from a hosepipe is sufficient to seriously injure them.

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