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Bats are mammals, the females suckle their babies (and possibly regurgitates food to the older ones) until they are old enough to fly and catch their own food. When small the babies are often carried by the females, the babies holding on to their motherís nippples and fur while she flies. Sometimes a pup falls off.
The first thing to do when faced with a baby bat is to try to RETURN IT TO ITS MOTHER.
If the baby is found under a roost then it can be returned to the others immediately. If not, keep the baby warm until dusk (roughly when it is just too dark to read outside) and then place the baby somewhere high and flat. Place a hot water bottle under the baby to keep it warm - if it cools down too much it will stop the ultrasonic distress cries that will call its mother.
The pup will emit ultrasonic distress calls and bats of the same species will come and investigate. Eventually with luck the mother will arrive and collect her baby.
There must be enough clear space for the mother to be able to fly round before landing: a flat garage roof is ideal, or a tray stuck firmly on top of a tall ladder.
We have had about an 80% success rate at returning baby bats to their mothers this way. If the mother does not come back within an hour or two then the baby will need handreared in which case call the BATLINE 082 445 0585
Baby insectivorous bats are small and born without fur
BATLINE 082 445 0585
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