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BATS KZN volunteers are very involved in educating the public about bats.
Regular audio-visual talks to schools, clubs and the public are held throughout KwaZulu Natal and whenever possible we take along live bats to help deliver the message.
BATS KZN hold regular training courses for the public, Pest Controllers, and Bat Volunteers.
We also host workshops for Bat students and scientists. Our courses have been attended by delegates from all over Africa and from afar afield as Europe.
2006 Bat Detector Workshop in Swaziland
Left to right:
Dr Robert Kityo University of Makerere, Uganda,
Juan Wood, Bats KZN
Dr Peter Taylor, University of Venda,
Jacqueline Bishop, SAFRING'
Dr Paul Bates, Harrison Zoological Institute, UK.
Dr Woody Cotterill, University of Cape Town,
Kate Richardson Bats KZN,
Bernard Aganda, National Museums of Kenya,
Leigh Richards, Durban Natural Schience Museum.
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